Undergraduate Overview

Students admitted into 4-year BS Programme in Geography and Environment are required to take (A) all the Major courses equivalent to 131 credits in Honours programme and (B) selected Minor courses (in the first and second academic years) equivalent to 13 credits in a total of 144 credits. Students from Science background are required to take minor courses offered by the Botany, Geology, Soil Science or Psychology departments while the Arts and Commerce background students are required to take minor courses from the Sociology, Anthropology, International Relations, Psychology or Economics which are held in the Department of Geography and Environment. Majors, theory courses include 90 credits, Lab, fieldwork and project work involve 33 credits, and viva voce 8 credits distributed over the four academic sessions. Field trips, organized by the department under the supervision of the faculties every year during BS (Hons) courses are compulsory for all students. Fieldworks are undertaken on physical and human geographic topics in a geographically suitable area in Bangladesh. Standard field gears including topographic maps, survey equipments, GPS, etc. are used for fieldwork.

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