Locational Accessibility of Urban Primary Health Care Centers of Khulna City Corporation Area, Khulna, Bangladesh

Thesis Level: "MS Thesis"

Researcher Name: Habiba Islam

Supervisor Name: Dr. A. M. M. Amanat Ullah Khan

Academic Session: 2013-14

Date of submission: 06 October 2016


Primary health care is a basic need for human survival. Equitable provision of health care services is a major constrains for developing countries. The degree of accessibility of health care centers is one of the important indicators for measuring the efficiency of a health care system. Accessibility is a complex indicator that reflects the number of health care institutions, their geographical distribution and the impact of different types of barriers information systems (GIS) analysis has not been widely used in developing countries to ensure that vulnerable populations have accessibility to primary health-care services. Geographers are mainly concern about geographical location and they tried different geographical tools to calculate locational accessibility. This study applied GIS methods to analyse the spatial distribution and accessibility to urban primary-care centres of Khulna city corporation area of Bangladesh. This revealed that health facility centers of Khulna city mainly organized in linear pattern and a certain protion of people are benefited and get all services from them because of their location. A large number of people are deprived to get proper services from them. Poor class of people are the main consumer of this center. All of primary services are accessible in these centres but lack of getting informed and location of the centers do not provide services to all the people of this city. The service consumer is satisfied with urban primary health care centers. The services and delivery system are quite satisfactory to mention. This study also suggest that GIS would be a vital decision making tools for policy maker of GOB to provide and ensure health facilities for all

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