Flood Risk Assessment in Bangladesh and People’s Adjustment : A case study in Brahmaputra – Jamuna Floodplain.”

Thesis Level: "PhD Thesis"

Researcher Name: Md. Serajul Islam

Supervisor Name: Dr. A. M. M. Amanat Ullah Khan

Academic Session:

Date of submission: 2015, 3 January


Related Publications link(s): Islam M. S and Khan A. U (2014), Flood Risk in the Brahmaputra-Jamuna Floodplain with a GIS-Base Model, Bangladesh Journal of Geoinformatics, Vol. 1, Pp. 13-22

For more information, please contact: Dr. A. M. M. Amanat Ullah Khan: +880 1819243104, amanat.ullah@gmail.com Dr. Md. Serajul Islam: +88 01711205198, seraj0021@yahoo.com

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