Riverbank Erosion Induced Migration and Resulted Socio Economic Status of Migrants: A Study of Slum Dwellers in Dhaka City

Thesis Level: "Master’s Thesis"

Researcher Name: Sadia Sultana

Supervisor Name: Dr. Hafiza Khatun

Academic Session: 2013

Date of submission: July 2015


Bangladesh is a disaster prone country which experiences natural disasters every year. Riverbank erosion is an endemic and recurrent natural hazard in Bangladesh. Every year, millions of people are affected by erosion that destroys standing crops, farmland and homestead land. It is estimated that about 5% of the total floodplain of Bangladesh is directly affected by erosion. The prime victims of river erosion are rural people who live in vulnerable areas. Many of the victims, after incurring erosion, are compelled to migrate from their rural origin to urban centers for better living and  a major portion of them end up in slums in Dhaka city. This study tries to find out riverbank erosion induced migrants- areal variation in the slum areas of the city of Dhaka and at the same time their socio economic status. This study has taken sample from the slum households of Dhaka city, as slum is the primary shelter of the erosion affected migrants. Both study area and respondents have been chosen in two stages. Dhaka city contains 4966 slums from where 15 slums have been selected as study area. At first a census has been conducted in those slums to identify the riverbank erosion affected migrants. Face to face in depth interview was conducted on a total of 170 household heads who left their rural origin after being affected by riverbank erosion. Riverbank erosion is the most ravaging one which can turn a well off household into a destitute by engulfing the household and agricultural resources. In most cases the affected people did not get any significant support from community and state. For this reason they have nothing to do but migrate to cities for living.

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