GK Project; the Existing Conditions and the Prospects

Thesis Level: "MPhil Thesis"

Researcher Name: Kazi Nazmul Mahmud

Supervisor Name: Dr. A. H. M. Abdul Baqee

Academic Session: 2013

Date of submission:


Ganges-Kobadak Irrigation Project is the largest irrigation project in Bangladesh. After the inauguration in 1954, this project has been immensely serving the south-western parts of our country, like- Kushtia, Chuadanga, Magura, Jhenidah, Khulna. In addition to, the areas locating far from the main canal by width are not getting their required amount of water and continuing agriculture by using expensive boring method in their field. This papers aims to ensure proper water supply among all the areas under this project.

In order to achieve the objective of the study systematic random sampling method has been followed (95 percent confidence level and 5 percent confidence interval. Questionnaire survey has been conducted among 307 people against total population 1526 to collect primary data from the study area). The present study has discovered that people, who are close to main canal, get sufficient water. On the contrary, the people who cultivate far from the main canal are not getting enough water due to proper maintenance of the sub-canals. Ultimately, they are diverting themselves from cultivating crops like-Rice, Wheat, Jute to crops with less water demand. In addition, less knowledge of the local people regarding their demand and supply of water at their farm level is highly ambiguous, cause of insufficient water supply, their responsibility to the solution etc have made their condition much more measurable.

Ensuring uninterrupted water supply from the main canal, proper maintenance of the sub-canals, digging up and widening those sub-canals can be a good solution for the supply problem, especially farms located at the farthest aspect. Otherwise water crisis will lead to a great change in agricultural pattern in an agriculturally planned community.

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