Spatial Pattern of Manufacturing Industries in the Greater Dhaka Urban Region (GDUR)

Author(s): Nazrul Islam   Md. Anwar Hossain  

Journal Name: CUS Bulletin on Urbanization and Development

Volume & Link: 63-64

Publisher: Centre for Urban Studies (CUS)

Year: 2013


The recent accident at Savar (on 24 April 2013) due to the collapse of a nine storey building accommodating five export oriented Ready Made Garment (RMG) industries resulted in the death of at least 1129 workers and injuring more than 2,000 has shaken not only the Garment sector but the whole economy of the country to a significant extent. It has huge long term impact on the economy, society and politics of the country. The accident has already raised many questions, both economic and non-economic, locally and globally.

Both stakeholders of the garments industries and people in general are aware of the massive growth of the sector since its beginning in the 1980s, but not many have a clear idea about the spatial expansion of these industries in the Dhaka Capital Region or elsewhere in the country. The Centre for Urban Studies participated in a regional study supported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in 2010-11, on Clustered Cities Development, focusing on Dhaka, Delhi and Colombo. The Dhaka study looked at the industrial development pattern of the Greater Dhaka Urban Region (GDUR) . It involved mapping of all manufacturing industries with 10 or more employees classified as macro industries by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. There were 15,562 such industries in the GDUR in 2009. The industries were mapped at union level.

This paper basically presents two maps, one of all manufacturing industries and the other of only garments and textile industries to give a visual impression of the distribution of the manufacturing industries in the Greater Dhaka Urban Region. The maps were prepared for the Clustered Cities Development study conducted by Professor Nazrul Islam (Team Leader), Professor Nurul Islam Nazem, Professor Amirul Islam Chowdhury, Professor AQM Mahbub and Architect Salma A. Shafi assisted by Anwar Hossain (currently, Lecturer of Department of Geography and Environment, Dhaka University) and others (ADB-CUS, 2010).


Islam, N., & Hossain, M. A. (2013). Spatial Pattern of Manufacturing Industries in the Greater Dhaka Urban Region (GDUR). CUS Bulletin of Urbanization and Development, 6364, 18–20. Dhaka: Centre for Urban Studies.

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