Spatial Disparity of Groundwater Depletion in Dhaka City

Author(s): Dr. Md. Serajul Islam   Farzeen Farhana Islam  

Journal Name: 15th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology

Volume & Link:

Publisher: Global Network of Environmental Science and Technology

Year: 2017


Groundwater is of course a valuable natural resource for the people of Dhaka City as surface water such as lake, river, reservoir etc. are not accessible to them sufficiently. People of Dhaka City depend on groundwater specially to meet their urgent daily needs. But the present conditions of groundwater in the city are not favorable for its population. In many parts of the city there is scarcity of pure water. This study shows that the groundwater in Dhaka city is declining at an alarming rate. The continuous over withdrawal of ground water and irregular and insufficient recharge causes depletion of groundwater. Rapid growing urbanization in the past 30 years also contributed to the present condition of Dhaka City. Recently, it is found out that the declining trend of groundwater in Dhaka City is 3 meters per year. Moreover, predictions show that the demand is increasing day by day and no chances of improving the situation is there. The volume of groundwater in storage is decreasing in many areas of the Dhaka City due to permanent over pumping. Thus, it has become obligatory to find out solutions for improvement. Therefore, scientific research on groundwater depletion in Dhaka City is very crucial to bring out fruitful solutions.


Islam M. S. & Islam F. F. (2017) Spatial Disparity of Groundwater Depletion in Dhaka City, 15th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology, Rhodes, Greece

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