Mapping Poor Settlements in 27 Cities and Towns of Bangladesh: UPPR Experience

Author(s): Nurul Islam Nazem   Md. Anwar Hossain  

Journal Name: CUS Bulletin on Urbanization and Development

Volume & Link: 60-62

Publisher: Centre for Urban Studies (CUS), Dhaka

Year: 2012


This study on Mapping Poor Settlements and Vacant Lands in 27 UPPR towns and cities is an initiative primarily to identify the locations where the poor people live and to derive their poverty status. The aim is to set a base line to monitor future changes in these settlements in terms of their existence (age), physical area, household numbers and density. Secondly the study also aims at explaining 16 thematic poverty indicators and aggregate poverty index at city/town, ward and settlement levels. Third is to identify vacant lands to suggest appropriate measures for a pro poor land use strategy. All these objectives were set to improve our knowledge about the dynamics of urban poor in terms of their location pattern, size, and the magnitude of poverty and also to assess the capacity to address problems they are facing.


Nazem, N. I. and Hossain, Md. Anwar (2012). “Mapping Poor Settlements in 27 Cities and Towns of Bangladesh: UPPR Experience”. CUS Bulletin on Urbanization and Development. No. 60-62. pp. 16-20. Dhaka: Centre for Urban Studies.

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