Impact of Jillur Rahman Flyover on Road Transportation System of Mirpur, Dhaka

Author(s): Rajoana Akter   Dr. Hafiza Khatun  

Journal Name: Oriental Geographer

Volume & Link: 58:2

Publisher: Bangladesh Geographical Socity

Year: 2017


Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh is carrying population of more than IS million resulting the generation of heavy traffic congestion at the road intersections. Flyover, important part of urban transport system, is a useful tool to solve the traffic congestion and to make traffic flow smooth and uninterrupted. The Jillur Rahman flyover is the third flyover of Dhaka city. It was constructed to connect Mirpur area mostly with the north-westem part of the city. The study was conducted to find out its impact on the road transportation system of Mirpur area. Questionnaire survey, traffic survey. 0-D survey, FGD and in-depth interview with the stakeholders are the principal sources of primary data. Secondary data were collected from different organizations and published materials. The study reveals that the flyover has many positive impacts on improving connectivity of Mirpur, especially with the north-western part of Dhaka city. It has also improved the transportation system by establishing uninterrupted road communication through Cantonment, by reducing travel time and distance to a great extent and making communication almost congestion free. The flyover has also generated some negative impacts like road accident


Akter R. & Khatun​ ​H. (2017 Impact of Jillur Rahman Flyover on Road Transportation System of Mirpur, Dhaka, Oriental Geographer, ISSN: 00305308, Vol: 58, No: 2 (2014), Pp: 15 - 30

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