Awareness and Preparedness of Disaster in Bangladesh: A Study of Dhaka City Dwellers

Author(s): Dr. Hafiza Khatun   Saadi Islam  

Journal Name: Social Science Review

Volume & Link: Part-D, Vol 32 No 1

Publisher: The Dhaka University Studies, Faculty of Social Science

Year: 2015


Bangladesh is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. Disaster strikes quickly, changes the lives of all that it touches and its effects are long lasting even after the event. Dhaka Megacity is one of the most vulnerable cities to disaster. The present study is an attempt to discover the awareness and preparedness of disasters among Dhak a city dwellers. Twenty-one thanas in Dhaka City has been chosen for the study. The study has been conducted by using both primary and secondary data required to fulfill the objective of the study. The study found that, despite being educated, most of the respondents have no alertness, insurance or savings to overcome the destruction of disasters. They do not keep any emergency telephone numbers and never took any training on disaster risk reduction. This indicates that most of the people may not know how to react immediately after the occurrence of a disastrous event and have no anxiety about disaster. The findings of this study can play the beneficial role for the civil society and concerned agencies to take future plan for increasing awareness, preparedness of disasters among Dhaka city dwellers.


Khatun H and Islam S, (2015) Awareness and Preparedness of Disaster in Bangladesh: A Study of Dhaka City Dwellers, Social Science Review, The Dhaka University Studies, Part-D, Vol 32 No 1 June

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