Sustainable Development of Bangladesh: Disaster preparedness view

Author(s): Anamik Ani Khan   Mohammad Mohiuddin   Md. Amran Hossan and Konamik Koni Khan

Journal Name: International Journal of Environmental Science: Development and Monitoring

Volume & Link: Vol. 4, No. 4, PP. 48-51

Publisher: Research India Publication

Year: 2013


Purpose - Bangladesh is disaster-prone country and natural disaster adversely effect on its economy and development. Disaster preparedness with mitigating and preventive measures indicates sustainable development that indicates this paper's purpose is to examine the circumstance of disaster preparedness of Bangladesh.

Methodology - A detailed literature about effects of natural disaster, its prevention and mitigation measures with institutional workforces for disaster preparedness has taken for critical review. Interview survey with total 8 experts at disaster management in Bangladesh has taken that indicates this research is following qualitative research method.

Findings - Many plan and programs have designed for managing natural disaster where the training for volunteers are supporting is mandatory. Trained volunteers are supporting at multi-purpose shelters with institutional frameworks for disaster management with both government and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) activities. Volunteers are working with emergency response to support at any critical situation and their performance is noticeable for disaster preparedness activities.

Practical Implications - Structural interventions with planning and design for preventing and mitigating the natural disaster with response of NGOs at disaster preparedness activities. The significance of preparedness program indicates sustainable development of Bangladesh.


Khan, A. A., Mohiuddin, M., Hossan, M. A. and Khan, K. K. (2013) Sustainable Development of Bangladesh: Disaster Preparedness View,  International Journal of Environmental Science: Development and Monitoring, ISSN No. 2231-1289, Vol. 4, No. 4, PP. 48-51

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