Environmental Lab

Establishment: The Environmental Laboratory has become an integral part of the department since its inception. Professor Dr. Khondakar Nizamuddin, former chairman of the Department of Geography and Environment, with the help of Professor Dr. Rejuan Hossain Bhuiyan established this lab in 1997. This well-equipped lab has different facilities to test and understand quality of the surrounding environment.
Lab In-charge
Present Lab Committee and Lab in-charge: The lab is being patronized by Professor Dr. Hafiza Khatun, Chairperson of the Department of Geography and Environment. The lab is working under the supervision of a committee of two members. Professor Dr. Rejuan Hossain Bhuiyan (Lab in-charge) and Dr. Nahid Rezwana, faculty of the Geography and Environment Department are the current members of this committee. Professor Dr. Rejuan Hossain Bhuiyan has comprehensive experience in researches regarding environmental analysis.
Lab Assistant: To help the students and researchers, a lab assistant is employed in the lab. He/she helps both students (post-graduate and undergraduate level) and researchers (MSc and PhD level and other researchers) to conduct their experiments in the laboratory.
Facilities: The Lab has several facilities (analysis machines, chemicals, and other laboratory tools) to conduct research on environmental analysis. It has a nice workspace with office desk and computer facility where researcher could carry his/her research work in a quite environment. Some of the major equipments and machines of this lab have been introduced in the following paragraphs:
pH Meter
        pH Meter: The lab has both portable pH Meters as well as a Bench-top pH Meter in order to measure pH level in any solid or liquid substance.
DO Pen
DO Meter (or DO Pen): DO Meter assists in delineating the Dissolved Oxygen level in any liquid, and thereby measures Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) in that (or any) particular liquid
        Multimeter: This is a more useful instrument, as it can measure pH, EC, TDS and also temperature of any substance.
DO Pen
Multi Gas-Detector: This instrument is used for both detection and quantification of available gaseous substance in the environment. Most commonly identified gases are CO2, H2S, N2 and O2.
Salinity Meter
        Salinity Meter: It is used to measure salinity level in any substance
UV-Spectrophotometer: This highly sophisticated instrument is used for identification and measurement of specific elements (e.g. Phosphorus, Sulphur etc.) in any substance
Salinity Meter
        Noise Meter (Digital Sound Level Meter) : It measures the level of sound (in dB) of the surrounding environment.
Programme and Research:
Class: Final Year 4th-year students pursue laboratory works as part of their course-work (Course GELb 413: Environmental Analysis) in this Environment Lab.
Research: Researchers of different level (MSc Thesis, MPhil, Phd students and researchers from other organizations) conduct their laboratory works in this lab. Facilities of this laboratory are very helpful to perform environmental and chemical analysis e.g. soil and water quality analysis. Facilities to test air quality would also be introduced very soon.
Contact address
Room No: 208
Department of Geography and Environment
University of Dhaka
Dhaka 1000

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