SWE 102: Introductory Soil II

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SWE 102Introductory Soil IISayma KhanomDepartment of Soil, Water & Environment11:00-11:50 A.M. (Monday)

Soil Chemistry and Soil Microbiology: An introduction to the course; Importance; Interrelationship; relationship with other branches of Soil Science, Water and Atmospheric studies.
Fundamental: chemical, physical and biochemical processes in relation to the study of soil water and atmospheric sciences.
Chemical aspect: of three phases of soil- interrelationship among the three phases of soil and the phases of soil in relation to plant growth; Chemical nature and properties of soil components-,Essential elements for plant growth.
Soil organic matter: sources and chemical constituents of plant tissues and soil organic matter. Organic compounds carbohydrates, protein, amino acids, nucleic acid, amino sugars, lignin, lipids, pectin, chitin, hormones, and enzymes.
Soil air: chemical composition and variations of gaseous components. Impact of gaseous components on soil properties and environmental pollution.
Soil solution: Structure and properties of water molecule; Chemical nature o fions; composition and concentration of soil solution; importance.
Soil pH: pH scale; classification of soil on the basis of pH values; Buffer solution and buffering.
Soil organisms: Scope of Microbiology in relation to the study of soil, water and atmosphere sciences. Soil Biota; Morphology, function and importance of soil flora.
Soil as a source of energy: and nutrients to the biota. Nutritional division; Temperature and oxygen requirements; Cultivation of microorganisms.
Suggested Readings:
The Nature and Properties of Soil, N.C.Brady and R.R.Weil
Principles of soil Chemistry, K.m. Tan
A Text Book of Soil Science, Daji
Chemistry, R. Harwood
Introduction to Plant Physiology, Noggle and Fritz
Soil ecology, Ken Killham
Microbiolohgy, MJPelczar Jr, E. C. S. Chan and N. R. Kreig
Soil and Water Chemistry, M. E. Essington

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