SWE 101: Introductory Soil I

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SWE 101Introductory Soil ISayma KhanomDepartment of Soil, Water & Environment10:00-10:50 A.M (Sunday)

Concepts of soils: Pedology and Edaphology; foundation of Pedology;Soil as a heterogonous and three dimensional component of the landscape; Spatial variability of soils in relation to landscape.
Basic terminologies used in Pedology: Soil Series, Soil Family, Soil Phases, Soil Type, Mapping unit Taxonomic unit, Soil Association, Soil Consociation, Soil Complex, Landscape, Land type, Land form, Soil colour, Profile, Horizon, Layer, Control section, Soil sequence, Pedon, Polypedon, Soil monolith, etc.
Volume composition of soils.
Evolution and composition of the earth.
Rocks: Their formation, nature and classification.
Minerals: Their formation, characteristics and classification; Silicate structure.
Weathering of rocks and minerals: Physical and Biogeochemical weathering process; Weathering sequences and results.
Typical soil profile: Master horizons and their formation; Importance of soil profile study; Soil solum and Regolith.
Factors of soil formation
Fundamental processes of soil formation: Humification, Littering, Eluviation, Illuviation, Calcification, Decalcification, Podzolization, Laterization, Gleization, Ferrugination, Ferrolysis, Salinization , Desalinization, Alkalization, Dealkalization , Pedoturbation, Lassivage etc.
Physical nature of the soil separates: Particle size distribution, soil textural classes; Soil Structure; classification and importance; Soil water; Forces of retention and classification, soil moisture constants, Soil air; composition and importance; Soil color: fundamental ideas and importance, Soil temperature-importance and distribution.
Suggested Readings:
The Nature and Properties of Soils, Brady and Weil
World Soils, EM Bridges
The Soil Resoure, Origin and Behavior –H. Jenny
Pedology: Concepts and Applicatoons, J.Sehgal
Soil Genesis and Classification, S.W. Buol. J.D. Hole and R. J. McCracken

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