Sociology Part-I

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Sociology Part-IMd. Mahbub Kaiser2018:00-8:50 A.M (Monday), 11:00-11:50 A.M. (Wednesday)

1. Introducing Sociology:
      1.1 Definition, Scope & relationship with other disciplines
      1.2 Development of Sociological Thinking: The fourfold Origin
      1.3 The Sociological Perspectives.
2. Doing Sociology:
      2.1 Sociological questions: Scientific Approach, Research Process.
      2.2 Research methods: Ethnography, Survets, Experiments, Life histories, Comparative Research, Historical Analysis and Participant Observation.
      2.3 Research in the Real World.
3. Theoretical Thinking in Sociology:
      3.1 Theoretical Issues: Structure and Action, Consensus and Conflict, The Issue of Gender, The Shaping of the Modern World and Postmodernism.
      3.2 Classical Theorists: Auguste Comte, Herbert Spencer, Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, Velfredo Pareto
      3.3 Contemporary Sociologists: Michel Foucault, Jurgen Habermas, Ulrich Beck, Manuel Castells and Anthony Giddens.
4. Globalization and the Changing World:
      4.1 Types of Society: A Disappearing World, Modern World and Global Development.
      4.2 Social Change: Definition, Influence and Change in modern period
      4.3 Globalization: Factors, Debate and Impact:
5. Culture, Society and Socialization:
      5.1 Culture: Definition, Element, Types and Cultural Lag
      5.2 Socialization: Definition, Process, Agencies and Theories.
      5.3 Gender Socialization
6. Families, Education and Religion:
      6.1 Forms, Functions and Theoretical Perspectives of Family.
      6.2 Theories of Scooling and Inequality.
      6.3 Sociological Theories and Ideas of Religion.
7. Crime and Deviance:
      7.1 Basic ideas and concepts of Crime and Deviance
      7.2 Theories of Crime: Functionalist, Interactionist, Conflict and Control theories.
      7.3 Victims and Perpetrators of Crime.
8. Stratification and Class:
      8.1 Definition and Systems of Stratification
      8.2 Theories of Class: Karl Marx, Max Weber, Erik 0. Wright, John Goldthorpe
      8.3 Social Mobility: Types and Consequence
9. Poverty and Social Exclusion:
      9.1 Definition and Types of Poverty
      9.2 Measuring Poverty: Reletive Deprivation, Breadline Britain and Social exclusion
      9.3 Who is poor? Poverty and Social Mobility
10. Cities, Population and Environment:
      10.1 Cities: History, Development and Global cities
      10.2 Population: Concepts and Theories
      10.3 Environment: Sociological Issue, Sustainable Development and Global Warming

Suggested Readings:
Giddens, A.: Sociology, Polity Publications
Scheafer R : Sociology

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