Social Psychology

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumberTime
Social Psychology Dr. Mahfuza Khanam203 (Monday) & 205 (Sunday & Wednesday)10:00-10:50 A.M. (Sunday), 11:00-11:50 A.M. (Monday), 10:00-10:50 A.M. (Wednesday)
  1. Introduction: Definition and nature of Social Psychology and its methods.
  2. Socialization: Processes and Agents of Socialization; Results of Socialization; Influence of Culture on Personality.
  3. Individual and Group: Kinds of Group; Methods used in studying group; the nature and process of Communication; Communication by language; non-verbal communication; Definition of leadership; various approaches of studying leadership; Activities and effectiveness of a leader.
  4. Attitudes: The nature of attitudes. attitudes, values and opinions; Formation of attitude; Methods of used in measuring attitudes; Attitude change.
  5. Public opinion and propaganda: Definition, formation of public opinion; Role of mass media; Measurement of public opinion; techniques of propaganda; Principles of effective prpaganga.
  6. Prejudice and Stereotypes: Acquire and maintainance of prejudice; Methods, Techniques of reducing prejudice; characteristics of social stereotypes.
  7. Social Mobility.

Suggested Readings:

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