Introduction to Psychology

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Introduction to PsychologyDr. Muhammad Kamal Uddin203 (Sunday) & 201 (Monday)10:00-10:50 A.M (Sunday), 11:00-11:50 A.M. (Monday)
  1. Psychology
      Definition and Goals of Psychology; Perspectives of Psychology; Subfields of Psychology; Methods of Psychology.
  2. Biological Basis of Behavior
      The Major divisions of the Nervous System; The Central Nervous System- Brain and Spinal Cord; The Peripheral Nervous System- The Somatic and the Autonomic Nervous System.
  3. Perception
      Definition of Perception; Form Perception, The principles of Perceptual Organization; Depth perception-Monocular and Binocular cues of Depth Perception; Perceptual Constancy.
  4. Learning
      Definition of Learning; Classical Conditioning; Operant Conditioning; Reinforcement and Punishment; Schedules of Reinforcement; Cognitive Learning- Cognitive map, Latent learning, Observational Learning.
  5. Memory and Forgetting
      Definition of Memory; Types of Memory; Definition of Forgetting; Theories of Forgetting.
  6. Motivation and Emotion
      Definition of Motivation; Classification of Motives; Theories of Motivation; Definition of Emotion; Kinds of Emotion; Theories of emotion.
  7. Personality
      Definition of Personality; The structure of Personality; The Development of Personality; Measurement of Personality- Projective tests, Personality inventories.
  8. Intelligence
      Definition of Intelligence; Measurement of Intelligence- Binet-Simon Intelligence Scale, Wechsler Intelligence Scales; Individual and Group test of intelligence.

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