GETh 411: Remote Sensing –III: Thermal and Microwave Remote Sensing

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GETh 411Remote Sensing –III: Thermal and Microwave Remote SensingMd. Faruk Hossain206 (GIS & RS Lab 1 ) & 232 (GIS & RS Lab 2)2:30-4:50 P.M. (Monday)

Thermal Radiation Principles and Thermal Remote Sensing
1.1 Thermal radiation principles, thermal process and properties
1.2 Characteristics of thermal IR images and Factors affecting thermal images
1.3 Interaction of thermal radiation with terrain elements
1.4 Multi-spectral thermal data
    1. Brushing-up the image processing software
    2. Looking inside the thermal data by using IPS ( Image Processing Software)

Interpretation and Applications of Thermal Image
2.1 Thermal image and qualitative interpretation,
2.2 Semi quantitative analysis
2.3 Temperature mapping with thermal scanner data
2.4 Applications of thermal sensing
    3. Quantitative interpretation of thermal Image
    4. Thermal mapping by using appropriate satellite image
    5. Applications of thermal image: web-search

Microwave Remote Sensing
3.1 Introduction to microwave remote sensing – Concept and principle, back-scattering, cross section Wavelength, incidence angle, aspect angle.
3.2 Interactions between radar and surface materials – complex dielectric properties, roughness polarization
3.3 Passive microwave sensors
3.4 Active microwave sensors
    6. Interpretation of microwave image by using appropriate IPS

Radar Imagery
4.1 Side looking radar system
4.2 Geometric characteristics of Side looking radar images
4.3 Synthetic aperture radar
4.4 Transmission characteristics of radar signals and other radar image characteristics
    7. Exploring Radar imagery by using appropriate IPS
    8. Exploring the Synthetic aperture RADAR imagery

Radar Image Interpretation
5.1 Radar image interpretation
5.2 Fundamentals of radar interferometry
5.3 LIDAR – working principle, scope and applications
5.4 Applications of microwave remote sensing
    9. Interpretation and information extraction from RADAR image
    10. Interpretation of LIDAR image by using appropriate IPS


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