GETh: 408 Transport Geography

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GETh: 408Transport GeographyDr. Naznin Afrose Huq2421:30-2:20 P.M. (Sunday), 12:00-12:50 P.M. (Wednesday)

1. Study of Transport in Geography
    1.1 Definition and Scope

2. Transport and Space
    2.1 Physical constraints
    2.2 Overcoming barriers
    2.3 Transport and Spatial Structure
    2.4 Space/Time Relationship

3. Morphology of Transport Modes
    3.1 Road
    3.2 Railways
    3.3 Waterways
    3.4 Airways
    3.5 Pipelines

4. Transport and Urban Development

5. Transport Problems in Urban Areas

6. Transport and Environment

7. Globalization of Trade and Transport: Multimodalism

8. Models in Transport and Development
    8.1 Taffee, Morrill and Gould Model
    8.2 The Rimmer Model
    8.3 The Vance Model

9. Stages of Transport Development in Bangladesh
    9.1 Early and Mughal Period
    9.2 Colonial Period
    9.3 Pakistan Period
    9.4 Post Independence Period

10. History and Development of various Modes of Transport in Bangladesh
    10.1 Roads
    10.2 Railways
    10.3 Waterways
    10.4 Airways

11. Assignments for power point presentation on contemporary issues on Transport in Bangladesh.


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