GETh 405: Agricultural Geography

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GETh 405Agricultural GeographyBorhan Uddin24212:00-12:50 P.M. (Sunday), 12:00-12:50 P.M. (Tuesday), 10:00-10:50 A.M. (Thursday),
  1. Introduction to Agricultural Geography: Definition and Scope; Methods, Themes and Concepts
  2. Agricultural Origin, Development and Diffusion: Plants, Animals and Technology
  3. Agricultural System: The Role of Physical, Socio-economic and technological factors: Eco-environmental and biological approaches including perception.
      Socio-Economic Concepts and Principles: Land, Labour, Capital and Scale of Production; Ownership Tenancy, Farm Size; Intensification, Co-operation and Mechanization; Transportation and Marketing; Processing and Storing; Agricultural Organization: Peasant Farming, Commercial Farming
  1. Models in Agriculture: Crop Combination Regions (Weaver Model); theoretical Approach to Agricultural Landuse Patterns: Input-Output Relationships; Agricultural location in relation to market, distance – Function and landuse (Von Thunen); Decision-Making under risk and Uncertainty (Game Theory Model); including behavioural models- Diffusion concept in agriculture.
  2. Agricultural Classification: Regionalization of agricultural patterns, Types and Typology of Agriculture, Agricultural systems of the world (Whittelesy’s).
  3. Agriculture in Bangladesh: Nature and characteristics, Types, Patterns, Landuse, Crop Diversification, Intensity; Recent Trends, Govt. Policies, Food security and prosperity of Agriculture in Bangladesh.


Suggested Readings

  • A. Aliam,: Agriculture of Bangladesh
  • B.M. Rogers: Diffusion of Innovations
  • D. R. Harris: The Ecology of Agricultural Systems in Trends in Geography, Coke R.V. and Johnson, J. H. (eds)
  • D.B.Grigg : Agricultural systems of the world
  • Duckhan: The Fabric of Farming
  • H. F. Gregor: Geography of Agricultures Themes in Research
  • H.H. McCarty: Agricultural Geography” in (ed) S.E. Jones and C.F. Jones
  • J. Burton: Types of Agricultural Occapance of floodplains in the United States (Dept. of Geography, University of Chicago) Res. Pap. 75
  • J. R. Tarrant: Agricultural Geography
  • J.D. Henshall: Models of Agricultural Activity in socio-economic Geography(ed) R.J. Chorley and Peter Haggett
  • L. D. Stamps: The Land of Britain: Its Use and Misuse
  • L.D. Stamp: Applied Geography
  • M. Chisholm: Geography and Economics
  • T. Hagerstrand: The Propagation of Innovation Waves, Land Studies in Geography, Series-B. Human Geography
  • T. R. Saarieen: Perceptions of the drought Hazard on the Great Plains, Res. Paper 196, Dept. of Geography, University of Chicago
  • W.B. Moefan and R.J.C. Muntan: Agricultural Geography
  • W.C. Found: Theoretical Rural Land Use
  • Madjid, H.: Systematic Agricultural Geography
  • Sing, J and Dhillon: Agricultural Geography
  • Brammer, Hugh: Land Use and Land Use Planning in Bangladesh
  • Brammer, Hugh: Agricultural Development Possibilities in Bangladesh.
  • Hossain, Mosharraf: Agriculture in Bangladesh.
  • Faruquee, Rashid: Bangladesh Agriculture in the 21st Century.
  • Mandal & Dutta: Crop diversification.
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