GETh 404: Urban Geography

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumberTime
GETh 404Urban Geography Dr. M. Maksudur Rahman24212:00-12:50 P.M. (Monday), 10:00-10:50 A.M. (Wednesday), 11:00-11:50 A.M. (Thursday)
  1.  Introduction: Subject matter, Scope and Development of Urban Geography.
  2.  Origin and Growth of cities: Early Urban Hearths, Factors in Urban Growth (General and Current), Pre-industrial, Industrial and modern cities.
  3.  Stages, Processes and Forces of Urban Growth (centripetal & centrifugal).
  4.  Urbanization and Urban Growth: Patterns and Processes in MDCs and LDCs, Urbanization Curve, Over urbanization and Counter urbanization.
  5.  Urban Population: Characteristics and Dynamics, Population Density Gradient Model.
  6.  Urban Internal Structure: CBD, Core-Frame Concept, Commercial (manufacturing & retailing) areas and Residential zonation and segregation.
  7.  Urban Landuse Theories & Models: Bid-Rent Theory, Concentric Zone Model, Sector Theory and Multiple Nuclei Theory.
  8.  Hierarchy of Urban Centers: Central PlaceTheory, Rank-size Rule.
  9.  Urban Economic Base: Basic and Non-Basic Concepts, Formal & Informal Sectors.
  10.  Urban Transportation: Transportation & Urban Form, Trip Generations & Commuting, Urban Transit System and problems.
  11.  Suburbanization, Rural-Urban Fringe/ Urban Sprawl, Satellite Towns.
  12.  Urban Environment: Problems and Consequences, Urban Livability.

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