GETh 403: Political Geography

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GETh 403Political GeographyDr. A. Q. M. Mahbub2429:00-9:50 A.M. (Sunday), 1:30-2:20 P.M. (Monday), 9:00-9:50 A.M. (Tuesday)

1. Nature, Scope and Objective of Political Geography; Political Geography and Geopolitics and Approaches in Political Geography and Geo-Political Thoughts and Concepts

2. State concept and Evaluation
    2.1. State as a unit: political unit
    2.2. Nation
    2.3. Nation-state
    2.4. Multi-national States
    2.5. Buffer-State
    2.6. Neutralised States and Territories

3. The States:
    3.1. Location, Area and State
    3.2. Boundaries, Frontiers and Territorial Waters
    3.3. Population
    3.4. Resource and Power
    3.5. Core Areas and Capitals
    3.6. Internal Organisations and Relationship
    3.7. External Relationships

4. World Political Patterns:
    4.1. Colonialism, Colonies and Decolonisation
    4.2. The Capitalist and the Socialist Realm
    4.3. The Developed and the Developing World
    4.4. The Big Powers-Sphere of Influence and the Balance of Power
    4.5. Geopolitical Theories and the Foreign Policies of Big Power
    4.6. World Organizations and International Relationship
    4.7. Areas of Contemporary Interests and International Conflicts
    4.8. Electoral Geography

5. Geopolitical Situation of Bangladesh
    5.1. SAARC-Bangladesh and ASEAN The Bridge Concept
    5.2. Transit, Transshipment and Asian High-way Controversy
    5.3. Delimitation of the Maritime Boundaries and South Talpathi Problem
    5.4. Chittagong Hill Tracts and Ethnicity
    5.5. Problem Mv Relation Sharing of Transboundary Water Resources

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