GETh 401: Geomorphology-II

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GETh 401Geomorphology-II Dr. M. Shahidul Islam2429:00-9:50 A.M. (Monday), 11:00-11:50 A.M. (Wednesday)

1. Geomorphological Processes: Erosional process; Transportational Process; Deposition/
Sedimentation/Siltation process

2. Development of Slope; Mass Movements, Landslides; Transportation of Eroded

2. The Humid Geomorphic Environment:
    2.1 Running Water and Streams: Origin & Evolution of rill, gullies, streams,
    2.2 Steam Channel: Classification; Characteristics; Drainage Patterns & Channel Patterns
    2.2 Process of Valley Development; Hydraulic geometry, longitudinal and cross profile.
    2.3 Stream Processes; Erosion, – Erosional Features, Transportation, Sedimentation and Deposition; – Depositional Features, Characteristics
    2.4. Stream flow: Laminar Flow, Turbulent Flow: Steam Velocity, Discharge
    2.5. Floods; Definition; causes, types, discharge measurements, velocity, flow, hydrograph, consequence, Flood Control, Flood Management
    2.6 Flood Plain: Morphology, Ecology, Wetland, Floodplain Management

3. The Arid and Semi-Arid Geomorphic Environment
    3.1 Environmental Characteristics; Desert Environment; Semi-Arid Environments
    3.2 Fluvial Process in Arid /semi-arid Environment; Pediments and Pediplains
    3.3 Wind and Aeolian Land Forms: Erosional; Depositional

4. The Glacial and Periglacial Geomorphic Environments: Process and Products; Erosional Features; Depositional Features

5. Karst Topography: Conditions for Karst Development; Karst Features

6. The Marine and Coastal Geomorphic Environment: Coast: Definition, Delineation, Major
environmental gradients and characteristics
    6.1 Coastal Classification: Open coast, closed coast, Rocky coast, muddy coast and Sandy coast
    6.2. Coastal Geomorphic Processes and Products; Waves, Tides, Winds, Ocean current
    6.3 Coastal Landform: Erosional Features; Depositional Features
    6.4. Coastal Sediments: Basic Concept of Sediment transport, Sediment sources, sizes, distribution
    6.5 Deltas: Types, Formation and Structures

7 Palaeo-Geomorphology:
    7.1 Geochronology: Lithostratigraphy, Biostratigraphy (pollen and diatom analysis) and Chronostratigraphy (c14 dating, dentrochronology)
    7.2 Past-Geomorphological Environments: Process and Products; Palaeo-Climatology:

8 Models in Geomorphology

9 Applied Geomorphology; Geomorphology and Agriculture; Geomorphology and Industry; Geomorphology and Urbanization; Geomorphology and Transport

Suggested Readings

  • Thornbury, W. D. Principles of Geomorphology
  • Sharma, V. K., Geomorphology: Earth Surface, Process and Forms
  • Small, R. J., The Study of Landforms
  • Sparks, B. W., Geomorphology
  • Leopold, W. and Miller., Fluvial Process in Geomorphology
  • J. Pathick A. Introduction to Coastal Geomorphology 1986
  • MS Islam Sea-Level Changes of Bangladesh: Last Ten Thousand Years, 2001
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