GETh 302: Geomorphology – I

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumberTime
GETh 302Geomorphology - IDr. Md. Abdur Rob23010:00-10:50 A.M. (Monday), 8:00-8:50 A.M. (Tuesday)

1 Introduction to Geomorphology:
      Definition, Scope and Subject Matter; Objectives and Methods of Explanations
      Form, Process and Pattern
      Application of Geomorphological Knowledge to Environmental Problems

2 Development of Geomorphological Thoughts:
      Pre-Davisian Geomorphology-James Hutton
      Davisian Cycle of Erosion; Penck and King’s Concepts

3 Modern Geomorphology:
      3.1 Morphogenetic Regions and Climatic Geomorphology
      3.2 Environmental Dynamism and Geomorphology
      3.3 General System Theory and Geomorphology

4. Geochronology:
      Geological Time-Scale
      Development of Land Surface

5 Theories on the Various Tectonic Aspects of the Earth’s Surface Processes
      5.1 Wegner’s Continental Drift Theory and Plate Tectonic Theory
      5.2. Theories of Earthquake, Volcanism
      5.3. Theories of Isostasy and Gravity Tectonics
      5.4 Kober’s Geosynclinal Orogenic Theory and Mountain Building

Suggested Readings:

  • Thornbury, W. D., Principles of Geomorphology
  • Sharma, V. K., Geomorphology: Earth Surface, Process and Forms
  • Small, R. J., The Study of Landforms
  • Sparks, B. W., Geomorphology
  • Chorley et. al., Geomorphology
  • Emblemton, C & Thomas J., Process in Geomorphology
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