GETh 202: Biogeography

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumberTime
GETh 202BiogeographyDr. Nahid Rezwana2031:30-2:20 P.M (Sunday), 1:30-2:20 P.M (Thursday)
  1. Biogeography: Field, Scope and Development
  2. Biosphere:  Definition, Limit and Composition of Biosphere, Sub-division of Biosphere
  3. Ecosystem: Definition & Components, Function  and Process of Ecosystem (Energy flow and Nutrients),  Food Chain & Trophic Levels, Food Web
  4. Evolution & Classification of Plants: Taxonomic, Ecological, Climatic Grimes classification, Environmental Factors of plant growth.
  5. Geographical Distribution of Plants: Factors & Agents of Plant Dispersal, Types of Distribution of Plants, Floristic Region.
  6. Biochore & Formation classes; Forest, Savana, Grassland & Desert.
  7. Dynamics of Vegetation: Plant Succession (Types, Forms, Stages)
  8. Major Biomes of the world,
  9. Biodiversity: Definition, Types, Loss of Biodiversity, Causes of Loss, Conservation.
  10. Zoogeography; Animal Dispersal & Migration; Zoogeographical Realm

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