GETh 201: Geography of Soils

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GETh 201Geography of SoilsDr. Md. Serajul Islam2038:00-8:50 A.M. (Sunday), 11:00-11:50 A.M. (Tuesday)
  1. Nature and Field of Soil Geography.
  2. Components / Compositions of soil and Functions of Soil in Ecosystem.
  3. Physical & Chemical Properties of Soil: Mineral Matter, Texture, Structure, Thickness, Color, Air, Water, Temperature, Density, Soil Nutrients, Soil PH, Lime Content, Soil Colliods, Soil reaction, Buffering, Ion exchange, Soil salinity.
  4. Organic Properties of Soil: Functions and Composition of Organic Matter, Humus and Humification process, Essential Plant Nutrients in soil, Soil Fertility and Productivity, Soil Flora and Fauna, Nitrogen Fixation.
  5. Formation of Soils: Factors/ Agents of soil formation, Soil Profile, Soil formingProcesses/Pedogenic Processes (Laterization, Podsolization, Calcification Gleization and Salinization).
  6. Soil Erosion & Conservation: Causes and Factors of soil erosion, Soil Degradation, Controlling measures of Soil Loss & Conservation.
  7. Soil Classification: Overview of Soil Classifications, Great Soil Groups of the World (Zonal, Azonal & Intrazonal), USDA Soil Classification Systems.

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