GETh 103: Introduction to Physical Geography and Environment

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GETh 103Introduction to Physical Geography and EnvironmentDr. Md. Abdur Rob20312:00-12:50 P.M. (Sunday), 10:00-10:50 A.M. (Tuesday)

1. Definition, Subject matter, Scope and Relation with other subjects
2. Earth as a Planet: Shape and Size; Geographic Grid; World Time Zone.
3. Earth’s Structure
      3.1 Internal Structure of the Earth: Crust – composition (sial/sima); Mantle; and Core
      3.2 Composition of the earth crust: Rocks and Minerals (Classification and Properties)
4. Processes of Landformation:Endogenic (Diastrophism, Volcanism, Earth Quakes); Exogenic (weathering, Erosion, Mass wasting, Deposition)
5 Endogenic and Exogenic Processes: Driving force: Earth Quakes and Volcanoes: Agents of land sculpture: – River, Glacier, and Wind; Weathering and Erosion; and Mass wasting
6. The Atmosphere: Composition and Structure: Weather and Climate (Factors and Elements)
7. The Hydrosphere: Global Distribution of Water: Hydrological Cycle (ocean water, fresh water); Ocean shape, size and volume
8. The Biosphere: Definition and components; Environmental Factors and Plant Distribution; Animal kingdom
Suggested Readings:
Robinson, H., Physical Geography, Mac Donald & Evans,
Thronbury, W, D., Principles of Geomorphology, John Wile, London.
Lake, P. Physical Geography. Macmillan’s & Co., Calcutta.
Monkhouse, F.J. The Principles of Physical Geography, University of London Press, London.

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