GELb 410 : GIS –III: Spatial Analysis and Modeling

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumberTime
GELb 410GIS –III: Spatial Analysis and ModelingMd. Sofi Ullah; Farzana Ahmed Mohuya206 (GIS & RS Lab 1 ) & 232 (GIS & RS Lab 2)2:30-4:50 P.M. (Thursday)

Theory Lectures
1. Spatial Analysis & Modeling
Organizing Geographic Data for analysis; Classification of GIS Analysis Functions;
Maintenance and Analysis of Spatial Data; Maintenance and Analysis of Non-Spatial Data; The Analysis of Discrete Entities in Space; Spatial Analysis Using Continuous Fields.
2. Techniques in Spatial Decision Support System
Multi-criteria evaluation; Linear Programming; Rule-based Systems; Network Analyses; Spatial Interaction Modelling; Genetic Algoritms;
3. Statistical Surfaces: Digital Terrain Modelling
What are Surfaces? Surface mapping: DTM vs. DEM; Terrain Data Sampling; Raster Surfaces; Interpolation; Terrain Reclassification; Slicing statistical surface; Discrete surfaces.
4. Introduction to various GIS applications
    a) Land use planning;
    b) Health Care Management,
    c) Risk and Hazard Management,
    d) Policing and local administration.
Lab Sessions: (Using the Tutorial Book by Wilpin L. Gorr and Kristen S. Kurland available at the GIS Lab)
1. Spatial Analysis
2. ArcGIS 3D Anlyst
3. ArcGIS Spatial Analyst
4. GIS Project work: (to be designed by the Course Teacher incorporating all the skills so far learned from the above lab exercises)

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