GELb 313: Research Methods and Field Survey in Physical Geography and Environment-II

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GELb 313Research Methods and Field Survey in Physical Geography and Environment-II Dr. M. Shahidul Islam230 & 209 (Physical Geography Lab)2:30 - 4:50 P.M. (Thursday)
  1. Research in Physical Geography:
    1.1. Types, Characteristics, Methodology
    1.2. Selection of Research Topic, Research Design
  2. Fieldwork in Physical Geography Research:
    2.1 Needs of Fieldwork in Physical Geography
    2.2. Site Selection
    2.3. Fieldwork Preparation, Supports
  3. Fieldwork on Geomopgological Mapping:
    3.1. Topographical Survey
    3.2 Identification of Geomorphological Units
    3.3. Preparation of geomorphological maps
  4. Hydrological Survey:
    4.1. Measurements of River flow
    4.2 River-cross section analysis
    4.3. River bed sediment collection and filed description
  5. Profile/Out-crop Study:
    5.1. Preparation of section/out-crop cleaning, identification of layers/beds
    5.2. Description of sediment in the field after Troels-Smith Scheme
    5.3. Application of Monolith, Graphical and Match stick techniques in the field
    5.4. Use of Munsell Colour Chart in the field
  6. Borehole sediment Collection:
    6.1 Ste selection for borehole
    6.2. Description of borehole sediment in the field after Troels-Smith Scheme
  7. Slope Analysis:
    7.1. Measurement of Hill slope by Trigonometric method
    7.2. Direct measurement of slope using slope meter
  8. Vegetation Survey:
    8.1. Vegetation survey by quadrant method
    8.2. Species identification with reference to different land levels
    8.3. Study the relationship of vegetation species with soil type
  9. Report writing using data collected from the field.

Suggested Readings
Gouide A (1990) Techniques in Physical Geography, Routledge, London

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