GELb 310: GIS-II- Advanced Data Concepts in GIS

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumberTime
GELb 310GIS-II- Advanced Data Concepts in GISMd. Sofi Ullah; Dr. Md. Serajul Islam206 (GIS & RS Lab 1 ) & 232 (GIS & RS Lab 2)9:00-10:50 A.M. (Wednesday)

Theory Lectures

  1. Acquisition and preprocessing of Geo-Referenced Data
    • Coordinate Systems; Transformations and map Projections; Digitizing, Editing and Structuring Map data; Primary Data Acquisition from Ground and Remote Surveys.
  1. Database Structures: data organization in the computer
    • File and data access; Database approach; Classic data models; Database Management Systems.
  1. Data Quality, Accuracy and Errors in Spatial Data
    • Components of data Quality; Positional Accuracy; Attribute Accuracy; Logical Consistency; Spatial Resolution; Data Transfer Standards.

Lab Sessions (Using the Tutorial Book by Wilpin L. Gorr and Kristen S. Kurland available at the GIS Lab)

4. Building a Personal Geodatabase: Build, Modify, Join Tables, Aggregate, Export other ArcCatalog utilities

5. Importing Spatial and Attribute Data: Sources of Maps and Data, Vector Spatial Data Format, Identify and Change Projections, Examine Metadata, View Attribute Data.

6. Digitizing: Digitize and Edit Polygon layer, digitize a Point Layer, digitize a Line layer, spatially adjust features.

7. Spatial Data Processing: Use data queries to extract features, Clip Features, Dissolve features, Append layers, Union Layers, Run Multiple operations with Model Builder.

Suggested Readings:

  • C.P. Lo & Albert K. W. Yeung (2002), Concepts and techniques of Geographic Information Systems, Prentice-Hall, New Delhi, India.
  • Ian Heywood, Sarah Cornelius and Steve Carver (1999), An Introduction to Geographical Information Systems; Longman, UK.
  • Peter A. Burrough and Rachael A. McDonnell (1998), Principles of Geographical Information Systems, Oxford University Press, UK.
  • Stan Aronoff (1995), Geographic Information Systems: A Management Approach, WDL Publications, Ottawa, Canada.
  • Christopher B. Jones (1999), Geographical Information Systems and Computer Cartography, Longmans, UK.
  • Michael N. Demers (2003), Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems, John Wiley & Sons Ltd. USA.
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