GELb 211: Research Methods and Field Study in Human Geography and Environment – I

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumberTime
GELb 211Research Methods and Field Study in Human Geography and Environment – IDr. Md. Humayun Kabir2031:30-2:20 P.M (Monday)

1. Selecting and Defining Research Problem

2. Preparing Research Design/Outline

3 Reviewing Literatures

4. Data Collection in Human Geography & Environment: Field Survey and Sampling. Selection of Sites, Questionnaire Designing and Interviewing Techniques. Observation, Field Recording Tchniques, Rapid Geographical Appraisal (RGA).

5. Analyzing & Interpretation of Data; Data Processing, Analysis and Interpretation

6. Designing and Writing the Report: Report Writing based on filed survey on any Research Issue on Human Geography and Environment.

7. References: Techniques, Footnotes, Bibliography sources.

Suggested Readings:
1. Cargill, M. and O’Connor, P., 2009. Writing Scientific Research Articles: Strategy & Steps, Wiley-Blackwell Inc., Australia.
2. Chapin, P.G., 2004. Research Projects and Research Proposals, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK.
3. Corbetta, P., 2003. Social Research: Theory, Methods and Techniques, Sage Publications, London.

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