GELb 208: Introduction to of GIS and Computer Cartography

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumberTime
GELb 208Introduction to of GIS and Computer CartographyMd.Sofi Ullah; Farzana Ahmed Mohuya206 (GIS & RS Lab 1 ) & 232 (GIS & RS Lab 2)8:00-9:50 A.M. (Monday)

1. Introduction to GIS
      Introduction: Definitions
      Components: Computer Systems and Software; Spatial Data; Data Management & Analysis Procedures; People and GIS.
      Applications: Urban Planning, Environmental Management, Health Care Planning, Land Information System, Disaster Management etc.
      GIS vs. Computer Cartography
2. Spatial Data
      Introduction to Maps and Spatial Data: Purpose; Scale; Spatial Entities; Generalization; Projections; Spatial Referencing; Topology;
      Fundamental Properties of Geographic Objects: Size, Distribution, Pattern,
      Symbolization and Map Design Issues & Principles
3. Spatial Data Model
      Entity Definition: Point, Line, Area, Network, Surface
      Spatial Data Models: Raster data Structures; Vector data Structures
      Attribute Data Management
4. Working with ArcGIS:

    The objective of this section is to apply various cartographic techniques on supplied spatial and attribute data. The students will learn the basics of map layout and the basic cartographic techniques using ArcCatalog and ArcMap modules of ArcGIS. They will prepare layout maps using cartographic techniques like Line Graph, Bar Graph, Pie-diagram, Choropleth Map, Isopleth Map, Dot Map and Maps with Proportional Squares, Maps with Cartograms. They will prepare Layouts with, Scale bar, Legends, North Lines, Titles and Annotations.

Exercises (from Using ArcCatalog, Using ArcMap)
      a) Creating Maps
      b) Managing Layers
      c) Symbolizing Data
      d) Labeling Maps with Texts & Graphics
      e) Creating Graphs
      f) Laying out and Printing Maps.
Suggested Readings:
Haywood, I, Cornelius. S, Carver. S, An Introduction to Geographical Information Systems, Longman, 1999
Burrough P.A. & McDonnell, Principles of Geographical Information Systems; Oxford University Press, 1998
Stan Arnoff, Geographic Information Systems: A Management Perspective, WDL Publications, Ottawa. 1995.
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Michael Minami, Using ArcMap, ESRI, USA, 2000.
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