GELb 110: Introduction to Research and Field Studies

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumberTime
GELb 110Introduction to Research and Field StudiesDr. Md. Serajul Islam; Dr. Nahid Rezwana2039:00-9:50 A.M. (Thursday)
  1. Research:
      Definition, Types and Importance
  2. Research Methods and Techniques in Geography and Environmental Studies:
      Observation; Description; Analysis and Synthesis; Surveying; Mapping
  3. Sources of Geographic and Environmental Data:
      Major sources: Primary, Secondary
      Nature of Geographic Data/Information
      Data Analysis and Presentation (Tables, Maps, Graphs and Photographs)
  4. Writing References, Notes, and Bibliography etc.:
      (Library use, literature search and compilation of data from various sources, writing reviews)
  5. Report Writing:
      Writing Abstract; preparing contents; Arranging the body of text; Summarizing and Conclusion; Giving References and bibliography; Adding Annexure/Appendices
  6. Presentation of Report.
  7. A daylong fieldtrip to introduce the students on some aspects (physical and human) of geographical research.

Suggested Readings:
Black, J.A. & Dean, A. Champion. Methods and Issues in Social Research
Moser, C.A. & G. Kalton. Survey Methods in Social Investigation
Turabian, K. L. A Manual of writers of Term Papers, Thesis and Dissertation. The University Press, Chicago.

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