GELb 109: Topographic Surveying

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GELb 109Topographic SurveyingDr. Kazi Md. FazlulHaq; Dr. Fatima Akter; Md. Amran Hossan203 & Field Work2:30-4:50 P.M. (Wednesday)
  1. Definition of Surveying, Type of Survey: (Geodetic, Plane)
  2. Surveying as the Basis of Large Scale Maps
      2.1 The Framework of Topographical Maps
      2.2 Principles of Triangulation
      2.3 Types of Triangulation (Topographical, Principal, Major and Minor)
  3. Methods of Surveying
      3.1 Chain and Tape: Equipments; Recording of Field Data; Tie Line; Principles and Uses; Open and Closed Traverse Surveying; Measuring against Obstacles; Drawing Procedures; Advantages and Disadvantages of Chain and Tape Survey
      3.2 Plane Table Surveying; Equipments, Method of Preparation; Open and Closed Traverse Surveying; Advantages and Disadvantages of Plane Table Survey
      3.3 Prismatic Compass; Equipments, Data Recording and Plotting; Advantages and Disadvantages of the Survey

Suggested Readings:
Shingh, R.L.Elements of Practical Geography.
Keats, J.S. Cartography, London, Longman.
Monkhouse, F.J. Maps and Diagrams.
Robinson, A.H. Elements of Cartography, New York, John Willy and sons.

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