GELb 107: Fundamentals of Cartography and Map Projection

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumberTime
GELb 107Fundamentals of Cartography and Map ProjectionMd. Jamal Khan; Md. Amran Hossan2032:30-4:50 P.M. (Monday), 1:30-2:20 P.M. (Thursday)

1. Introduction to Cartography: Definition, History, Importance and Application
2. Maps: Definition, History, Types-based on scale and content.
      2.1. Importance and uses of maps
      2.2. Basic elements of map: Scale: Definition, Types and Use; Construction of scale: Linear, Comparative and Diagonal
      2.3. Enlargement and Reduction of Map; Combining map
      2.4. Distance Measurement and Area measurement
3. Map Design and Symbology: Principles of map design; Cartographic Design; International Colour Scheme; Theory, Models and Perception; Typographic Map Production
4. Thematic map: Definition and Concept: Methods/Techniques of Thematic Mapping- Choropleth, Isopleths, Dot, Flow, Proportional symbol, Isarithmic and Diagrammatic method; Cartogram
5. Computer Cartography: Definition, Principles and Use
      5.1. Dynamic/Interactive mapping
      5.2. Computer Mapping Software
      5.3. GIS system: Geo-visualisation
6. Map Projection; Definition and Uses; Classification (Perspective, Non-perspective, Conventional, Cylindrical Conical Zenithal); Geo-referencing
7. Construction of Various Projections (Graphical and Mathematical) along with their Merits and Demerits.
      7.1. Cylindrical Equal Area Projection.
      7.2. Mercator’s Projection
      7.3. Conical Projection with one Standard Parallel
      7.4. Bonne’s Projection
      7.5. Zenithal Equal Area Projection
Suggested Readings:
Ahmed, K. S., Simple Map Projection
Robinson, A. H., Elements of Cartography
Singh, R.L., Elements of Practical Geography
Bygott, J., AN Introduction to Map Work and Practical Geography
Brown, Map Making
Monkhouse, F.J., Maps and Diagrams
Kellaway, G. P., Map Projection

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