Sociology of Bangladesh

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Sociology of BangladeshDebasish Kumar Kundu2039:00-9:50 A.M. (Sunday), 10:00-10:50 A.M. (Tuesday),
  1. Sociology of Pre-colonial Period (pre-1757):
    1. Aryanization, Sanskritization and Islamization
    2. Chanakya on Arthashastra
    3. Abul Fazal on Ain-E-Akbari (third part of Akbarnama)
    4. Marx on Asiatic Mode of production
    5. Weber on irrigation civilization and South Asian religion
    6. Wittfogel on Oriental Despotism
  2. Sociology of Colonial Period (1757-1947)
    1. Anglicization, Christianization and Bengalicization
    2. Marx on colonialism in India
    3. Reform of land tenure, legal and administrative system
    4. English education and the emergence of middle class in India
    5. Nineteenth century Bengal renaissance
    6. Political economy of British rule and the partition of India
  3. Sociology of Pakistan Period (1947- 1971)
    1. social background of Language Movement
    2. Political economy of West-Pakistan and East-Pakistan
  4. Sociology of Bangladesh Period (1971- till date)
    1. Social background of Liberation War in 1971 and the emergence of Bangladesh.
    2. Genesis of capitalism and class formation in Bangladesh
    3. Globalization and the hegemony of US neoliberalism on economy, state and politics in post- liberation period of Bangladesh
    4. Sociology of everyday life; Social changes in Bangladesh: both in rural and urban society
    5. Social problems in Bangladesh: crime and violence, corruption, poverty, population, and exclusion

Suggested Readings:

  • Anthony Giddens (2010) Sociology 6th Edition
  • Nihar Ranjan Roy (1952). Bangalir Itihas: Adi Parba (Bengali)
  • R.C. Mozumdar (1945). The History of Bengal
  • J. N. Sarkar (1906). A history of Bengal
  • D. D. Kosambi (1956) An Introduction to the Study of Indian History, Popular Book Depot, Bombay
  • Willem van Schendel (2009) . A History of Bangladesh, Cambridge University Press
  • Archer K Blood (1974). The Cruel Birth of Bangladesh Memoirs of an American Diplomat
  • Lawrence Lifschultz (1978). Bangladesh: The Unfinished Revolution
  • Badruddin Umar (2004) The Emergence of Bangladesh: Class Struggles in East Pakistan (1947-1958)
  • H Zillur Rahman and Mahbub Hossain (1999) Rethinking Rural Poverty, UPL
  • Friedrik, Engeles (1844). The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State
  • Karl Marx, Capital vol 1, 1867 and vol 3, 1894; The Communist Manifesto,1848 (with Engels) -(1859) A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy
  • Sen, Amartya (1982) Poverty and Famines: An Essay on Entitlement and Deprivation
  • Max Weber (1916) The Religion of India: The Sociology of Hinduism and Buddhism
  • Hamza Alavi (1972). The State in Post-Colonial Societies: Pakistan and Bangladesh. New Left Review
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