Urban Environmental Problems in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Chittagong City

Author(s): Dr. M. Maksudur Rahman

Publisher: VDM Publishing House Ltd., Germany

Year: 2011

Managing urban environmental problems is an immense challenge for cities in developing countries. Research on inter-urban environmental problems suggests that the dominant environmental problems in developing or low-income cities are localised, immediate and health threatening. Based on a broad spectrum household survey this thesis explores the residential environmental problems both at the household and neighbourhood levels in different residential areas of Chittagong, the second largest city in Bangladesh, which is associated with a range of environmental concerns not least due to its hilly and coastal setting. The qualitative survey adopted for this study reveals fresh insights into the nature, causes and consequences of residential environmental management problems. Intra-urban differences in environmental problems among households located in higher-, middle-, and lower-income residential areas are revealed in some details. The household survey shows that households in lower-income neighbourhoods were more likely to be susceptible to local environmental problems, compared with those in middle- and higher-income residential areas. Analysis of the gender relations and intra-household division of labour finds women and children, particularly in the households of lower-income neighbourhoods, are the major victims of residential environmental problems as they undertake home management responsibilities and spend most of the time in and around home and neighbourhood. The key factors, which contribute to the different environmental problems at household, neighbourhood plus citywide level, identified by both household and qualitative surveys are analysed to suggest steps towards a more effective local urban environmental management framework for Chittagong.

Rahman, M. M. (2011) Urban Environmental Problems in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Chittagong City, VDM Publishing House Ltd., Germany

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