A Survey of Slums in Dhaka Metropolitan Area -1991

Author(s): Shams El Arifeen and Dr. A. Q. M. Mahbub

Publisher: ICDDR,B and CUS

Year: 1993

Contributors: S. E. Arifeen, A. H. Baqui, N. M. Jahangir & N. Paljor (Urban Health Extension Project, ICDDR,B), Nazrul Islam & A. Q. M. Mahbub (Centre for Urban Studies, Dhaka) and S. M. Siddiqi (Urban Health Extension Project, ICDDR,B and Aga Khan Community Health Programme, Dhaka)

This Working Paper is from the survey conducted in 1991 to identify and map all the slums in Dhaka metropolitan area. The survey was conducted by the Urban Health Extension Project (UHEP) in association with the Centre for Urban Studies (CUS), Dhaka. Numerous project staff were involved in the design, implementation and analysis of this survey. Sincere acknowledgement is extended for the hard work and dedication of UHEP field-based staff, data management staff, and project management staff. We also acknowledge the valuable and essential contribution by the staff of CUS who collaborated with us in this survey.

Arifeen A. E., and Mahbub A. Q. M., (Eds) (1993) A Survey of Slums in Dhaka Metropolitan Area -1991,  ICDDR,B working paper no. 39, ICDDR,B and CUS

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