International Conference on Earth and Environmental Sciences & Technology for Sustainable Development, 2020

The Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh organizes this conference to improve understanding of the Geo-Resources, Blue Economy, Abrupt Climate Changes, Natural Disasters and Engineering Solutions for the sustainable development in a national, regional and global context that covers a wide range of critically important sessions. As the horizon of knowledge in natural sciences keeps widening, critical and newer forms of issues arise that require sophisticated and subtle analysis by the specialist experts in the earth sciences. Experts of Earth Sciences conduct pragmatic research in natural sciences to face the challenges of the 21st century. Our aim is to disseminate acquired knowledge among the faculties/researchers/students through mutual collaboration. This conference is the first step of such collaboration both in the national and international level. The mission of this conference is to understand the planet Earth and environment; convey the understanding to students and equip them with the knowledge to serve the community. A few decades ago, earth and environmental sciences had been the study of natural phenomena, but now humans are altering the Earth’s climate, its landforms, and its biota. Flood, cyclone, earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, hurricane, and other natural hazards have always been with us, but they are more destructive on our increasingly crowded planet because of anthropogenic factors. I strongly believe that the participants of this conference will achieve a comprehensive and deep understanding of the crucial issues that interdisciplinary earth sciences deal with in this 21st century.

The conference aims to bring collectively all leading academic scientists, researchers, and policymakers to share their skills and expertise to increase collaboration both in the scientific and development strategies using state-of-the-art technologies. It gives a standard interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to discuss the most recent innovations, tendencies, and worries in addition to sensible challenges encountered and answers followed in the fields of Earth technological know-how and climate changes. This conference will help to improve the Geo-Resources development and overcome natural calamities with lots of tactic on the direction and flow of technology in the subsequent decades. Thus, the conference not only gives the opportunity to fulfill the desires of local contexts but also the chances are greatly improved while sharing regional and global issues.

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