Certificate Giving Ceremony of ArcGIS Training successfully Complete

Department of Geography and Environment, University of Dhaka organized a Certificate Giving Ceremony for those has successfully completed their course in 22 July 2017 at Prof. Dr. M. Aminul Islam Memorial Resource Room (Room No. 223).  Program was for the trainee of ArcGIS 1: Fundamentals on GIS  (Batch 8) and  ArcGIS 2: Professional Training on GIS (Batch 4) .

Chairperson Dr. Hafiza Khatun were present there handover the certificate to the trainees.DSC_0674

ArcGIS 1: Fundamentals on GIS  (Batch 8) Trainees were learned:

Understanding with ArcGIS Platforms; Basic of GIS and GIS Data; Importance of coordinate systems; Data Management with Geodatabase; Getting spatial data using GPS and Google Earth Pro; Georeferencing; Projection; Projection Transformation; Find and organize geographic data and other content for a mapping; Creating and Editing spatial data; Working with tabular data; Understanding and Performing Spatial Analysis; Symboliging, Labeling and Annotation for Map Presentation; Layout Desinging, Sharing GIS results within the group or publicly.

ArcGIS 2: Professional Training on GIS (Batch 4)  Trainees were learned:

Coordinate Systems, Geodatabase, Data Management, ArcGIS Database Server, Performing Analysis and Model Building using ModelBuilder:  Finding Suitable Location, Distance Analysis,  Zonal Statistics, Surface Analysis,  Hydrological Analysis,  Hot Spot Analysis, Geostatistical Analysis: 3D Analysis : Network analysis, Tracking analysis, Map Presentation with cartographic representation.

Course coordinator Md. Sofi Ullah (Associate Professor) were also present the program. Trainees were give their opinion about successful of the training. They also inform to the chairperson that how they implement these training in their professional Life.


DSC_0720 DSC_0716

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    Next schedule of ArcGIS 1: Fundamentals on GIS .

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