Seminar on Outcomes of 3rd Year Fieldwork – 2016 in Teknaf and St. Martins Island

A Seminar was conducted by Department of Geography and Environment, University of Dhaka on March 21, 2017 at 11:00 A. M. (local Time) where reflecting on the activities of 3rd year students (2015-16) from the fieldwork on Teknaf and St. Martin, 2016 was convened by the students under the supervision of Professor Dr. M. Shahidul Islam. The seminar revolved around detailed studies of the techniques applied in the Practical field along with the findings accompanied by elaborated analysis of the activities undertaken at the field. The honorable Chairperson of the department, Professor Dr. Hafiza Khatun graced the seminar with her presence and shared her valuable insights. The Chairperson was accompanied by Professor Dr. M. Shahidul Islam, Professor Dr. Md. Humayun Kabir and Assistant Professor Md. Faruk Hossain. The seminar was divided into four segments based on the categories of the field techniques namely Oceanographic Study, Lithostratigraphy Study, Sediment Compaction Analysis and Topography and Landform Survey. Chosen members from each respective group which were responsible for carrying out the tasks at field presented their techniques, data and analysis in an orderly manner. The guests were given chances to submit their questions at the end of the presentation which helped the understandings of the techniques to be clearer. A few significant touches of the activities those were discussed in the seminar are given below:

  • The fact that the ocean floor around St. Martin Island has supposedly a hard rock layer beneath less than one meter into the ground.
  • An approximate bathymetric survey data showing relief of ocean floor around St. Martin Island was presented.
  • The subsurface compaction of the study areas (using Dynamic Cone Penetrometer) denoting the hardness of the soil was discussed.
  • A few topographic features along with soil composition of the study area were also focused in the discussion.

The students had the honor of being shared with a few valuable words from their honorable teachers.  At the end of the seminar multiple posters depicting the endeavors of fieldwork were unveiled, decorating the walls of the department.

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